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Most Bond films took on the hot button political issue of the moment.

Casino Royale took the most immediate issue, terrorism.  Skyfall did as well, cyberterrorism.  But in between Quantum of Solace decided to take on environmentalism and price scalping.

With California suffering drought issues and pharmaceuticals raising the prices of their pills by 5000% (probably Dominic Greene's cash trove if he didn't die), is QoS premise, in a sense, becoming true


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Economic terrorism.

Dalton & Connery rule. Brozz was cool. Craig is too.


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People have been talking about water shortages for at least ten years.  Big corporations have been trying to buy up water rights for years, too.


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This Newsweek article details the issue, including how Bolivia was a site of water buy-ups in the 1990s:



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It reminds me of the less-spectacular, non-megalomaniac, non-traditional Bond villain plots like that in the movie, The Constant Gardner based on John Le Carre's book that involved the machinations in the pharmaceutical industry.  Similarly less-spectatcular is Scaramanga's solar energy plot, which took life from the then current energy crisis in the real world.  Even though these events were headline news, I feel they were not worthy for a Bond movie.

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The film's political slant is one of the many reasons I remain an unabashed fan of QoS. Not only was it a fairly realistic portrayal of what chrisisall accurately described as "economic terrorism", the movie also showed just how ready and willing Western democracies are to throw out their professed principles in the name of their financial interests. It's a pattern of behavior that has been displayed repeatedly, especially by the CIA.

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While water shortage is getting more and more seriously ( and indeed has been discussed for over 2 decades) I wished that Green would have come up with a better idea than simply hording water in a cave.

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Again, I would be grateful for your opinion on what kind of coupons Greene is stamping in the hut at the harbour in Port-au-Prince.
I never understood the scene.

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