Re: Spectre - what next? ***SPOILERS***

Matt S wrote:
Loeffelholz wrote:
Matt S wrote:

I wouldn't be surprised by another revenge-driven plot. Craig's Bond films are all more about the character than they are about an agent on a mission. I really don't see them going back to Bond being a British agent on a mission again if Daniel Craig is still Bond. Another revenge/rogue story would fit more with Craig's other films than Bond being sent on a mission would fit. A mission like most of the old Bond films just wouldn't fit for Craig's Bond.

Yes. Warts and all, Craig's Bond is more about Bond than anything else, and while that's worked for Eon, I have come to believe that it is crucial for Bond #7, whenever he comes, to be a more traditional Bond who goes on missions, beds women and drinks his vodka martinis. Craig rebooted the character effectively for the 21st Century, but there is only so much gold to be mined from navel-gazing.

I completely agree. Craig has brought some elements of Fleming's character that the films hadn't seen before, but his films have done away with much of the essence of Fleming as well. I'd like to see the next Bond have elements of Fleming's character but also have Fleming-esque stories. Basically, more films like The Living Daylights.

I think they have as Loeffs suggests limited some elements consciously, it was always been a balancing act and personally I feel that they need not have been so cautious with it.i see no reason why Craig Bond could not just go on a mission, even now it's not too late.like others I feel that the Swann revenge narrative is sadly both inevitable and predictable. I would like to see Craig's last as a fitting coda, less pyrotechnics, smaller budget,shorter run time and sooner.

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