Re: Which was better - SPECTRE vs ROGUE NATION

HatThrowingHenchman wrote:

I think the height of an actor shouldn't play a role when rating him as an actor  ajb007/confused
and he may be weird, but blend that out, most of his movies are good

Yeah, only the old part comes into play when talking to teenage girls... ajb007/rolleyes

Dalton & Connery rule. Brozz was cool. Craig is too.


Re: Which was better - SPECTRE vs ROGUE NATION

Saw RN - great film and Tom Cruise had more 'Bond moments' than I remember in other MI's. Maybe he wore a suit more often this time around? idk

I enjoyed it very much, although I didn't care for the female lead too much, not curvy enough...not a problem in SP, plenty of curves there  ajb007/lol

But that's the feeling I kept getting with RN, that it kept reminding me of all these Bond movies. The pre credit sequence in fact led directly to a TLD viewing immediately thereafter.

I enjoyed it very much. Spectre over RN any day however.


Re: Which was better - SPECTRE vs ROGUE NATION

I thought that RN was a better film than SP. I actually really like DC and TC as actors, I believe them both to be fantastic and really make the film what it is, but SP was a let down.

I have seen SP twice, mostly because I was bored as hell and had time to kill the second time. I figured I would like it more then next time... nothing.

RN was just awesome, sure doesnt have the fanbase but TC is a badass. The motorcycle scene, the breath hold, the fact he is still doing his own stunts.

IF it was a question between Ghost and Skyfall, I will take Skyfall any day.