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I see on the mi6-hq Bond news site it says takings up to end of year -31st Dec. in the UK onlyare -

SPECTRE - £93.5 M.  (Skyfall-£113M.)    (Days in Cinemas - 9 weeks, 4 days OR 67 days.)

Star Wars - £94.06 M.                           (Days in cinemas -  2 weeks oR 14 days.)

I suppose you have to take into account Preview showings, but that still seems very quick of SW to catch up.
If you average up the price of a cinema ticket to £10 in UK that would mean 9.4Million admissions in 2 weeks
or 4.7 M people  per week.
I suppose it's the extra kids factor, where they might not go to Bond SPECTRE that might account for the difference.



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