Topic: The 007 Virtual Museum.

What would you like to see if you could put together the world's finest, virtual
Museum to Bond. From the Books, Movies, radio plays ..... Everything.  ajb007/smile
All technology is available, from 3d holographics,  props,  robotics.... Anything.
Any suggestions for how it could look ?


Re: The 007 Virtual Museum.

Probably a zero gravity chamber experience to practice re-entry with your partner.
A station to try on Sean Connery's hair pieces
Build your own Golden Gun kits sold in the gift shop.
A station with a green screen to film your own personal gunbarrel scene.
Moneypenny's VR goggles from DAD.
A downloadable app where a Judi Dench soundboard calls and asks you every 15 minutes "Where the hell are you?"
And alcohol.  lots and lots of alcohol.


Re: The 007 Virtual Museum.

And Bond girls. Lots and lots of Bond girls.  ajb007/bond

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Re: The 007 Virtual Museum.

I saw a great exhibition of Bond guns at the Royal Armouries some years ago, hopefully this could be included.


Re: The 007 Virtual Museum.

Some great ideas  ajb007/martini