Re: Your favourite spoof/references of Bond film moments

No, not yet anyway. I didn't like his version of Bond, much preferred Horak's.

Edit: I stand corrected https://titanbooks.com/brands/james-bon … ry%20North


Re: Your favourite spoof/references of Bond film moments

there's a couple of good ones in Season 25 of the Simpsons, currently looping round in syndication


YOLO (originally broadcast November 10, 2013)
Homer suffers a midlife crisis leading to the song You Only Live Once, as sung by Nancy Sinatra soundalike Denise Donatelli

"You only live once,
Or so it seems.
No life for yourself,
And none for your dreams,

You work every day,
At a job so lame.
And every night,
The ending's the same!

No Dream will come true,
You only live Once!"

the last image in the montage crossfades to Moe's bar, where Homer is crying into his beer, blubbering the instrumental hook of the song!

the closing credits reprise the song:

"You only live once
But that's okay
You'll live quite long
In the USA...

But back to my point
You only live once
You've got years and years
Unless it's just months."


in "Steal This Episode" (originally broadcast January 5, 2014)
Homer hosts a backyard film showing of a pirated copy of the latest James Bond Film: Yesterday Never Tomorrows
Unfortunately all we see is the film's logo, before the FBI bust the dangerous criminal conspiracy.

But earlier, Lenny and Carl have a fine and learned discussion of the Craig era
Lenny: "I like that James Bond is ugly now!"
Carl: "I like that he doesn’t have any gadgets!"
Lenny: "I like that he’s not good at shooting, doesn’t say funny quips, or do any James Bond stuff!"
I'd say Lenny and Carl have nailed it.


Re: Your favourite spoof/references of Bond film moments

we may not be able to see Bond25 for six more months,
but Jerry Seinfeld has a new comedy special 23 Hours to Kill
check the trailer, Jerry knows what a Bond film is supposed to look like



Re: Your favourite spoof/references of Bond film moments

"what's the deal with gold fingers"

side note, I can only look at a gun mic and think of Prince in one of his VMA performances but you're right he does have a good idea what it oughta be ajb007/lol

shame that Seinfeld's standup kinda sucks.

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