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Hi, I wanted to tell about this for you to know that I´m very happy about

Last weekend, the Day of the Dead parade took place in Mexico city like the one we saw in the movie. I´m from Mexico I want you to know this, ORIGINALLY THERE WAS NO SUCH A BIG PARADE , so when we watched the movie we were like "oh cool, but that´s not like it ". Day of the dead was mostly a domestic tradition where you make an altar in your home, school or work, and you see people with make up and diguises at small events, but nothing that big.

There is also a festivity called Chantolo, but it´s only celebrated in small towns, Spectre took it one step further and have it done at the main square of Mexico City. So one year later the parade took place, but it was mainly BECAUSE OF THE MOVIE !!!!  Tourists from around the world asked for the parade, so people and the goverment were encouraged to make the parade !!!

I´m happy about this because we can say that Bond enhaced our tradition, which was partially displaced by halloween, and gave it a spot light to the world.

Here I share you a note about this year parade, it´s in spanish but you can see in the pictures it´s very similar to the movie

http://www.excelsior.com.mx/comunidad/2 … 8#imagen-1


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I saw photographs of it in one of our national newspapers this week.  Good to see Bond movies still being very influential in different ways. ajb007/martini


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Dalton & Connery rule. Brozz was cool. Craig is too.


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Thanks for sharing whiteknight86. Looks amazing.

I can see this getting bigger and bigger over the years to come.

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