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I'd be interested in one of the screen accurate knives as well ajb007/biggrin


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I’ve owned the sting for about 4 years. I don’t like carrying a fixed blade, so I can’t speak to it as an EDC, but it has seen some use around the house and the edge retention is pretty good. It’s a very solid knife and feels great in the hand.


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Yes, you've hit the nail on the head. You can almost feel the warm welcome from here.

Take care, Sir.

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Yep, I more or less tried cracking that nut in post #242 back in May with no response.  I guess one of the regulars will have to buy one and post a review before it becomes news. ajb007/rolleyes

I’m working on one of the new PPK’s but aesthetically, the edges are sharper and rough, not as streamlined as the earlier post war models


That's a bit depressing, though I'm sure with a bit of elbow grease & gentle pressure, those rough edges will give way to a good feel. The one thing that's always impressed me are the tolerances of the machining. Then again, having used AK-47s before, it's the lack of those very tight tolerances that make the AK the most user friendly assault rifle ever devised. A note, make sure you have as good an armorer as we had to be sure of accuracy, as I'm certain you've heard; the AK is the main reason for the spray & pray method. Our armorer made it so that we never had that problem with them.

I'm guessing you have either received your new Walther already or have been to an LGS to check one out? In my case, I tried to let my LGS nab one for me to no avail, so I've had to use other methods. Either way, I HAVE to buy one now since I am giving my wife my S&W M&P Bodyguard 380 for her carry weapon. I have a few 9mm handguns I could carry, but I prefer something smaller since I'm skin & bones at 6'2" 150#, wearing chelsea boots, a leather jacket, & carrying a small horse, LOL.
A 9mm of any size is just too noticeable for concealed carry in my case & with the way things are in the world there's zero chance of me rolling around without a decent firearm in my belt. Plus, owning a security consulting company & being unsecured doesn't wash terribly well.

Our local bank has been robbed twice recently, once about 15 minutes after I left the lobby & a few years ago, on NYE, my wife & I went to play pool early in the evening, before the drunks began to crowd the roadways. An hour & 15 minutes after we'd left, a young woman was shot while entering her car in the parking lot we'd been parked in. The crazy thing is the parking lot is adjacent to that town's police department!

I'll let you know what I think once I receive my Walther. If you'd be kind enough to give me your firing impressions, I'd appreciate that too.

Oh, nice video too, your latest I mean. Now I have to go back and make sure I left a thumbs up for it!

Many thanks!

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