Topic: SPECTRE in 4K?

After having gotten a 4K TV, I wonder if anyone has heard, if the 007 movies will be published in 4k in the near future?

Would be great after VHS (Including several Special Editions), Laserdisc, DVD (including Editions like the tin box...), Blu Ray to add another line of the same movies in a different formatte  ajb007/biggrin

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Re: SPECTRE in 4K?

It is being shown on Sky Q in 4k and most of the Lowry restorations are 4K and have been shown in cinemas like that so I would think they will appear in the future.


Re: SPECTRE in 4K?

There's to be an exclusive breakfast edition in Special K   ajb007/wink

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Re: SPECTRE in 4K?

Thunderpussy wrote:

There's to be an exclusive breakfast edition in Special K   ajb007/wink

Plenty of fibre to turn into crap...............oh it's Spectre , it doesn't need it ajb007/wink


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http://variety.com/2016/digital/news/hu … 201932303/

I know of this, but I'm not sure about any hard copy 4K releases coming up.


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Which 4K TV did you go for Higgins, a Sony?

Surely the Blu Rays look great on it, or no better than on any HD TV?

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Re: SPECTRE in 4K?

I have a LG 4K TV and a 4K Bluray player and the Series looks superb upscaled, especially the older films.

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Probably gonna be till Bond 25 drops that we’ll see a new box set.   ajb007/tongue

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Re: SPECTRE in 4K?

Will making the old movies 4K make them that much better?

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Re: SPECTRE in 4K?

PSA: To anyone buying a 4K TV, just make sure it is a 10-bit panel and not an 8-bit panel to get true HDR to enjoy Bond in 4K down the line in all its glory.

Yes. Consssssiderably.