Re: No Time To Die wardrobe: possible spoilers

taken a gamble on that being SA too but also need one so hopefully win win  ajb007/bond
, gone for a M as I'm normally a 40 chest

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Re: No Time To Die wardrobe: possible spoilers

I own a number of R&B Henleys and wear them often.  The 100% Cotton version is the way to go!  For reference, here are a few pics of my White Henley which I purchased in August or September of 2018 -



As you can see, it hasn't noticeably changed in the last several seasons, and it's been a staple in their collection for as long as I've worn R&B.  The 100% Cotton version definitely runs large, so I recommend sizing down one size for a slimmer (not tight) fit.  I wear a M shirt in most brands with a 39-40" chest, and all of the R&B Henleys I own are S.  With that said, R&B makes an 80%/20% version of their Henleys, and those fit slimmer, so I wear a M in those.  But the white slub henley suspected of being the NTTD shirt is 100% Cotton.

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Re: No Time To Die wardrobe: possible spoilers

Totally agree Craig
Im a 41-42 (exercise regime dependent) and the Mr Porter rnb in Medium is perfect fit aka the empire pic

Skewered, one sympathises...

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Re: No Time To Die wardrobe: possible spoilers

the r&b henley from Mr. Porter arrived today and I can share the exact same experience with cederic0011: you get the henley with the white and not the cream-placket and the buttons have a very thin black edge.

I can edit photos & measurements of Size L if someone is interested.