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I been working my way through the early seasons of The Avengers, most episodes of which are to be found streaming online if you don't mind searching...

I wish to draw special attention to The Gilded Cage S3E07 broadcast November 9th 1963 *

There's a whole lotta good stuff about this episode, it may be the best one up til this point, but some aspects we Bondfans must take note of...
https://www.dissolute.com.au/the-avengers-tv-series/series-3/images/gilded1.jpg  https://www.dissolute.com.au/the-avengers-tv-series/series-3/images/gilded4.jpg
Cathy Gale plans the heist of a huge, futuristic gold vault. There is much technical discussion of the size and weight of gold bars, the number of men required to remove it, monetary policy, and how much gold is in Fort Knox(!). The heist even involves gassing all the guards.

You know how in season 4, Steed gets a postcard from Cathy who is visiting Fort Knox? In this episode she sends Steed a postcard while held prisoner by the thieves she is planning the heist for (this bit also begs comparison to Bond's efforts to get word out to Leiter).
So you Bondfans need to watch this early Avengers episode, if no other, to see Mrs Gale, or Galore, or whatever her name is, practically auditioning for the even bigger heist a year later.

Other good aspects:
Cathy playing it very cool.
Lots of those weird camera angles.
A twist about 15 minutes in straight out of The Prisoner, or at least Mission Impossible. This bit is a mindphuk.
A very good cast of bad guys, all unique and memorable.
One bad guy lists all the Saville Row clothing items Steed is wearing, the high-fashion aspect of the show is really kicking in,
...and Cathy wears her all leather costume all through this episode. I think they'd only just introduced her leather look earlier this season.
And those boots...
They'd started fetishizing those boots about two or three episodes earlier (there's one where Steed has to help her get them off, and he struggles while she lies back lazily and enjoys her moment of dominance).
In this episode the bad guys search her luggage and take conspicuous time to examine those boots, holding them towards the camera. Once they're done, the more nebbishy bad guy pulls the boots out for one more look, and his more dominant partner snatches them out of his hand and says "gerrouttofit!"

So if you're thinking these early videotaped episodes are bit of homework to watch, do skip ahead and watch The Gilded Cage!


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in The Charmers (s3e23 originally broadcast February 29 1964)...
Cathy is teamed up with a Soviet agent, who tries to compliment her by saying she was on their Most Wanted list, "second from the top, right behind J.B."
That's pretty good for a talented amateur!


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I didn't realise they knew about Jason Bourne then.

Jack Bauer?