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Weird story lol...

Purchased a ltd edition bottle of whisky from a US vendor since sold out in Europe.  Had it sent to my US freight forwarder.   They have logged it as “arrived” in the system and not commented on it.

AJBer given me heads up my freight forwarder does not have a licence to ship alcohol.  Quick google confirms that rules in the USA are complex and strict, being from europe I never gave it a second thought!!!   Lesson learnt!! 

Technically it appears I am in limbo as shipper cannot send anywhere even in US but realistically not sure if in reality this is a big deal

My intention was to ship it internationally where customs here dont care etc so no import problems my side of the things if it left the US

Only two freight options to my destination:


USPS destroy / prohibit any alcohol from my understanding hence a no go. 

To muddy things further I have items of clothes at my forwarder so could bundle in to the package but maybe not the best idea!!

Anyhow - any thoughts / solutions?

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Re: Shipping Alcohol (USA)

If I'm understating correctly, you're outside the United States and ordered a bottle of Whiskey to be shipped to your Country. You have a shipper who isn't permitted to ship alcohol.

If the bottle of Whiskey is still in the United States, do you have a friend or relative who could pick the bottle up? I live in the United States and know alcohol rules are quite strict here. Not sure what the shipping rules of alcohol are though. I can ask around to see if someone knows of a International Shipper that can ship alcohol. Maybe your freight forwarder would be willing to ship it to you through another carrier?

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Re: Shipping Alcohol (USA)

My ABC store ships and claims it is "vinegar."

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