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HalfMonk HalfHitman wrote:

FE just sent out an email hinting they're doing NTTD props in the coming year...

Wouldn't they be better off focusing on more memorable films, ones that have props/gadgets that we would have killed for. TLD keyring finder for example. They'd better make sure the film doesn't bomb before they start producing... whatever they are planning to produce.

"I hate to ask stupid questions but where exactly did you lay him out cold?"


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There is no planet in which a prop from TLD is going to sell faster than something from the new movie, alas.


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HalfMonk HalfHitman wrote:

There is no planet in which a prop from TLD is going to sell faster than something from the new movie, alas.

Yup, Shame.

"I hate to ask stupid questions but where exactly did you lay him out cold?"


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I’d like to start a thread that is a one-stop shop for GG device history, and will add photos once the AJB Gadget Boffins help edit this text. I’m neither a gun expert nor a Golden Gun expert and so appreciate your helpful edits:

The Golden Gun:
a Tom Mankiewicz concept, based on Ian Fleming novel's “gold-plated, long-barrelled, single-action” .45 Colt Army Revolver (? See the book’s text), used with Francisco Paco “Pistols” Scaramanga’s personally machined bullets, featuring a heavy, soft (24 carat!) gold core, jacketed with silver and dum-dum cross-cut at their tips


*A Cigarette Case becomes a Golden Gun Grip

*A Cigarette Lighter becomes a Golden Gun Chamber

*A Fountain Pen becomes a Golden Gun Barrel   

*A Man’s Cufflink becomes a Golden Gun Trigger


The Man with the Golden Gun’s Film Props – Number Produced: 5

1st Version (Production Made):  Peter Nelson’s Prototype

Case (Grip): Bears an “S” logo for “Scaramanga”

Lighter (Chamber): Built from two lighters

Design: Part balsa wood with a pin stuck through as connector

Other: The “S” logo appears on drawn versions of the gun in early film publicity materials only

Bullet: Gold with a silver-colored nose and large “007” engraving

*Sold at Christie’s Auction in December 2001 (Sale 275, Lot 9287)

2nd Version (Production Made): Peter Lamont and Ron Quelch’s “Design Zero”

* Made by “Supplier of Gentlemen’s Accessories” Colibri, fragile, dropped and damaged by the actor principals (!), stolen from a display in New York City in 1974

Lighter (Chamber): A modified Colibi Moletric 88 cigarette lighter, which model is shorter than the final, enhanced film prop

Pen (Barrel): Said to have used a Dunhill pen (but was a modified Waterman Plaque Or G Pen with a push-in cap)

Design: A square was applied for a planned “S” monogram, on one side

* Bert Luxford attempted to add special effects to this one (did not work, unused in final cut of film)

* One screen version pen was not modified and is shown writing with ink, Scaramanga’s “cellar note” for a wine reminiscent of a 1934 Mouton Rothschild

3rd Version (Screen Used “Gun No. 1”): From J.S. Rose, London Silversmith Firm

* The three Rose models combined design ideas from the EON team and Colibri

* Under close examination, the three Rose models showed slight differences in their appearance, however, they were quickly built, to meet the film’s production schedule

* Gun No. 1 was the “gadget version” which assembled/disassembled

* Gun No. 1 is still part of EON's prop archive

Case (Grip): Colibri, taken from the Lamont model with a new top locking mechanism added to connect to the lighter

Lighter (Chamber): Colibri, taken from the Lamont model with all internal parts removed and a sliding gun breech added

Pen (Barrel): J.S. Rose modified a Waterman pen to remove all internal components, adding an open barrel end and a removable cap to hide the barrel screw thread

Cufflink (Trigger): J.S. Rose made, gold-plated sterling silver

Design: Silver with gold plating

4th Version (Screen Used “Gun No. 2”): J.S. Rose, solid one-piece version

* For action scenes, wide shots and stunt scenes (Gun No. 2 has the most screen time of the three Rose guns)

* Lacks the logo and decorative elements of Gun No. 1

* Made from brass, as are the screen used “golden” bullets

* Stolen from Elstree Studios in 2008

5th Version (Screen Used “Gun No. 3”): J.S. Rose, solid version

* John Stears modified Gun No. 3 to fire squibs

* Gun No. 3 is visible on screen most in the assassination scenes outside the “Bottoms Up Club”

* Stolen from a 1975 exhibition

Gold “Dum-Dum” Bullet

* Engraved with a small number then sent to 007

* Other bullets were made for the production for Scaramanga’s Chunghwa “Case”, Scaramanga’s Belt Buckle and Lazar’s Warehouse

* A variety of large bullets were used for publicity purposes

SD (Steve Dymzo) Golden Guns

SD 1st Generation Gun - Number Produced: ?

Case (Grip): Lacks a ruby, and is perpendicular to the barrel (Case Lid: Superior finish, with a slanted "lid" when closed, although not given the appearance of a true lid)

Lighter (Chamber): Lacks a Colibri label

Pen (Barrel): Correct pen, with two-component pen barrel so sight may turn while attached to lighter, but pen clip is wrong (Pen Cap: Threaded cap that fits at pen base, and also, atop the gun barrel)

Cufflink (Trigger): Crude with a bare thread that screws to case only and does not secure the lighter (design choices were made from the variety of production models), licensed markings, 24-carat gold-plated metal, quite fragile, engraving is not painted in, “007” engraved case

Bullet: Longer than on other models, breechloader version

SD “Transition” Gun - Number Produced: About 7 Known Examples

Case (Grip): Lacks a ruby but has smoother, non-protruding, lines running down the case (Case Lid: Not slanted)

Design: “007” Case or Wood Plaques (?)

SD 2nd Generation Gun – Number Produced: 700 (?) including 1st and Transition Models (?)

Case (Grip): A spring-loaded locking clip holds the lighter in place (Case Lid: Hinge, and therefore, barrel slant, is too small, with the grip at an angle so that the hinge shows)

Cufflink (Trigger): Too long, trigger is stationary

Design: No license markings, a more accurate replica than the SD 1st Generation (remaining imperfections in design came from choices made from the wide variety of film production models), wood plaque for display, gun’s size is about 5% larger than SD's 1st Generation & Transition Models

Factory Entertainment Golden Guns

FE 1st Generation Gun (And “Signature Edition” Dual Autographed Guns) – Number Produced: 1,000 FE, 400 SE

Case (Grip): Excellent design with monogram square on one side (Case Lid: Also strong design, with hinge showing only a little)

Pen (Barrel): Pen Cap is a pseudo-threaded push-in cap, orange plug added for firearm regulations

Cufflink (Trigger): A spring-loaded trigger, but thread is too long and bar is incorrect

Design: Licensed item, and closest replica to date, cast and machined from aluminum and alloys with 18-carat gold plating, resembles most the version used to shoot Dr. Gibson, size is close to SD’s 2nd Generation, there is some fragility to parts and possible oxidization so owners should avoid overuse of assembly/disassembly/handling, the Colibri logo was left off for trademark reasons, gun weight is 14 ounces, an acrylic stand holds the gun upright inside an acrylic case

Bullet: Resin bullet that loads into lighter, early models with one bullet, later issues added more bullets

“Most Screen Accurate Hybrid” - Number Produced: 1

Case (Grip) FE 1st Gen

Lighter (Chamber): FE 1st Gen

Pen (Barrel): SD 1st Gen Pen, bored along its length to fit a FE 1st Gen lighter (Pen Cap: SD 1st Gen)

Cufflink (Trigger): SD 1st Gen

FE 2nd Generation Gun – Number to Be Produced: Limited to Maximum 2,000

Case (Grip): A raised line has been added to the case’s side with the flat “S” square, to resemble how the film prop looked to have opened

Lighter (Chamber): Screws are visible as lighter opens

Pen (Barrel): Removable thread cap on bottom, removable pen “gun sight” on top that may be rotated around gun to match film scenes with sight upside down, orange marking added to comply with firearms regulations

Cufflink (Trigger): Spring-bladed action, trigger no longer shows on hinge side

Design: Gun weight is 27 ounces, stores horizontally or vertically in a foam-lined, lacquered wood case, liner reverses for assembled or diassembled display

Bullet: Needs a more realistic ignition cap, loads into lighter’s breech chamber