Topic: Vaux-le-Vicomte at the Movies

Opening this weekend (22 September 2018), Vaux-le-Vicomte will play host to an interactive exhibit about the many movies shot there, including 'Moonraker' (wherein it served as Drax's estate).

Props and costumes from a number of the films will be showcased, featuring several 'Moonraker' pieces never before shown to the public (not the least of which is a full scale replica of "Corinne Dufour's" helicopter!).

The exhibit continues through early November bookending an already sold-out Club James Bond (the French 007 fan club) event in late October with Drax Super Race girls signing autographs for select guests.

You can get more details here:
http://www.vaux-le-vicomte.com/en/vaux- … he-movies/


Re: Vaux-le-Vicomte at the Movies

Is this in California?   ajb007/wink

"...the purposeful slant of his striding figure looked dangerous, as if he was making quickly for something bad that was happening further down the street." -SMERSH on 007 dossier photo, Ch. 6 FRWL.....


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superado wrote:

Is this in California?   ajb007/wink

But of course, moved brick by brick!