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I have just finished reading the latest Dynamite Bond comic release, “The Body”.

I’m surprised anyone affiliated with Ian Fleming’s legacy would officially endorse this.  I won’t spoil the plot for anyone planning to read it, but let’s just say it’s an all-out assault on Brexit and the writer is clearly sending out some very strong progressive, left wing views. 

Here is the author, one Ales Kot in his own words describing James Bond- “an imperialist colonialist construct, I’ll also add patriarchal and racist, a white man who objectifies women and uses them without regard for their well-being”.

In my opinion, this book and it’s author are an insult to Ian Fleming’s legacy and an absolute disgrace as an officially endorsed publication.  James Bond circa 2018 is not Fleming’s Bond.

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This is where we leave you Mr. Bond. (Pilot, Apollo Airlines)


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Fully agree, The Body was one of most disappointing comics from Dynamite so far. It started off okay, but it fell off in quality towards the end. Thankfully, the just launched monthly James Bond 007 title is a much better read. I won't go in details for spoilers sake, but I was very impressed with the story so far.


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I read it but and yes it's the most disappointing comics from Dynamite so far, but all is not to throw away : the start was good. But, say it is an « insult » to Bond ? I can't agree. What do you feel so insulting inside ?


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That is the state of the comic industry. There is one where he's [Spoiler] in a sauna full of modern nazis and lectures them that their nazism is compensation for being gay. As a homosexual, I found that offensive.

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For another thing, [Spoiler] the nazis hadn't committed any crimes. Bond flat out murders them for their opinions

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