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Hello Everyone!

As I promised I am delivering another video, this one on one of my favorite toy genres.  I just love the race sets, their only disadvantage is their extreme sizes and finding a way to display them.  To the view the video, please click on the following link:


I know I don't have the Imai slot car from the 60's, one day I'll find one; but, are there any other sets out there that I haven't referenced?  Was there anything produced during the Roger Moore era?  Years ago I remember on eBay individual cars from AVTAK and FYEO.  I don't know if they were custom or what.  Recently, I tried to search them out.  Would anyone out there know about these items and have any info on them?

Thanks once again I hope you enjoy my obsession!


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Very cool collection! I've often thought about collecting these - I would need to sort out my Bond room a bit though to make space for them.

Amazing displays too - and if I'm honest, the junko pop figures don't deserve to sit alongside the classic vintage merch! Love that 1965 set. So elaborate. Kudos for having all the packaging and paperwork. Never seen a set for the Moore era, but needless to say, a TSWLM/FYEO track would've been awesome.

Just a pity that the newer sets are merely a simple, repackaged track though, and don't include surrounding environments, obstacles etc. There's a serious lack of creativity/effort put into Bond toys these days, which is another reason why the vintage stuff keeps it's appeal. Still, it's great to have the newer sets if you're a completist like myself, and at least you can connect the new ones together to make a bigger track.

With the Spectre set, imagine racing around the cobbled streets of Rome, with little buildings here and there - a little Colosseum to drive past; have the two tracks merge into one as you speed through the back alley, knocking over motorcycles. Then, drive down some steps next to the Tiber and swerve up the side of the bank. At the finish line, one of the slot cars lands in water, and you have to dry it out for several days before it works again.

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Quentin, I agree with you, the 2 sets from the 60's are just sooo good.  The sets that followed just didn't have the creative edge of the older ones.  The DAD and CR sets with the hotwheel like loop dont really cut it.  When the carrea evolution set came out, I loved that they included extra cars, the TB mustang and the DAD  astons, I wish they would have done more... maybe the toyota 2000 gt or a lotus...

A few years ago I remember seeing a citereon from fyeo and the renault from avtak, but I dont remember the manufacturer... I believe they were made over seas.  I wish I would have got them back then.  I cant find any information on them. I'm not even sure of their scale size.

The funko pops will someday be relocated, I hope to put up several 007 45 rpm picture sleeve records eventually. Im ru ning out of room.

Thanks for your reply