Re: Daniel Craig was miscast as James Bond? I think so

Absolutely. On both sides, of course, since it's all opinions.


Re: Daniel Craig was miscast as James Bond? I think so

sirso wrote:
Smithers500 wrote:

For me Craig has been adequate as Bond and to compare him to Connery is just foolish imo. But then Craig has not been well served by the writers. Casino Royale was great but largely due to Fleming, other than that there’s not much to write home about. The one thing that bugs me is how his Bond is this monosyllabic, hands in pockets disinterested looking guy, especially in the scenes with M, Q and Moneypenny and especially in the last 2 movies. The comparison to McQueen is a good one not just due to the facial resemblance but also in the way he plays Bond, very reminiscent of McQueen in say Bullitt. Whether this is down to Craig’s own increasing control over characterisation though as opposed to something the writers have introduced is not something I know. Notwithstanding this my enthusiasm for Bond is as strong as ever and I really hope we fans get the Bond 25 we all deserve after a few lacklustre efforts.

Yes, Craig is very like McQueen in Bullitt, and the motorbike scene in QOS reminded me of McQueen too.

It was meant to

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