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My friends at AJB, I must please ask your advice on a matter of importance.

As part of a programme to help senior citizens in our community, I volunteer some of my spare time to maintain the gardens of people who are unable to do this themselves. Today I have learned that I have been left some money in the will of one of the people who I have done this service for over the past few years. I knew nothing of his intention to mention me in his will and it has come as a great shock.

I am in something of a dilemma. I do not know if it correct that I accept this money and this is why I ask advice.

Should I refuse to accept the money or donate it to my church or a charity?

Do you think it is correct for me to accept it?

I have not yet spoken to my pastor about this but obviously must do so as I do not want any one to think there has been any thing said or done to influence the person into putting me into his will.

I thank you for any advice.


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I think it would be wise to talk to the pastor, as you mention. He's probably been in or at least heard of these kinds of situations before. The pastor also probably knew the person who left the money to you in the will.


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Certainly in some professions it is not allowed t accept gifts or money willed, such as a social worker etc (my wife is a social worker) but as is the case here someone has left you a gift in their will to show appreciation for your kindness and hard work, and I'd guess having you with them probably greatly improved their quality of life. I think Number 24 is right and you should mention this to the pastor, they may also have left some money for the church too, but you should accept this gesture in the spirit it was intended and choose what you would like to do with it, as long as the person was in a sound state of mind you have no moral questions to answer.
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Absolutely accept the money, guilt free.  You earned it in the best possible way: doing good deeds with no expectation of receiving anything.  The fact that you were bequeathed this money means that your actions were genuinely appreciated by someone who wanted to let you know, in the best way possible, that your actions significantly mattered. 

Also, take the money for yourself.  This person left you the money specifically.  They didn't give it to the church 'in your name', they left it to you.  As has been mentioned, they probably spread the money around to the church and other people, so you can probably be content that everyone shared in this bounty.  Accept it and use the money to enhance your life...pay off some debt, help a family member, or simply go on a vacation...whatever, it's your money.  Feel no guilt in the acceptance.

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It was gifted to you as their last wishes. It would be disrespectful not to accept it.



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Asp9mm wrote:

It was gifted to you as their last wishes. It would be disrespectful not to accept it.

I agree with Asp9mm. Once you do get the money, its yours to do with what ever you want. My Uncle was in a similar situation years ago with a neighbor. He would check in on her and grab stuff from the grocery store for her when he went shopping. She had family, but they never bothered to visit. When she passed away, he was the one who found her. He learned he was left a small amount of cash. One of her family members tried to fight it. They didn't have a leg to stand on. He accepted the money once they gave up their fight. So again, take the money. If you want to donate, do it. If you want to gift it to someone else.

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Thank you my friends. Your advice is very much appreciated and it has helped me to make up my mind. I did speak to my pastor about this. He did know the senior citizen as he was part of my church programme for gardening work. Although I have never heard of this before he did say it has happened in the past. On one occasion a churchgoer who was helping an elderly person (though I must say much more than my efforts) was left some money. He says it is correct for me to accept the money if I wish. 

Even though I only saw the person when I visited to tend to his garden I considered him as a friend. I very much enjoyed his company and I believed that he enjoyed mine also. I was very sad when he died and went to his funeral but I never expected for my name to be mentioned in his will and that is the truth.

I did give it more thought but what my pastor has said and all your advice means that I will now accept his gift. It is stressed though that I do this service not for any rewards but in a small way to offer my thanks to the people of United Kingdom for allowing me and my family the privilege of being able to live here when we were desperate for help.

I once again thank you for your kind words and advice.


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Enjoy the money  ajb007/smile


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Spend it well ajb007/smile


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Accept and buy something to make you happy