Re: Other Daniel Craig movies

Road To Perdition is another highlight of his career from what I have heard. In fact, once I was out shopping (I had a James Bond themed t shirt on that day) the clerk who checked me out noticed my shirt and we started talking about Daniel Craig as Bond and his other movies. The clerk told me I should watch Road To Perdition, Craig plays a great nasty son of an aging gangster looking to make his mark in the underworld of the 1930's. This film was the first of three collaborations with director Sam Mendes.

I have also heard that his debut in the drama The Power Of One (1992) is quite good. I am defiantly planning on checking it out in the near future. Speaking of his pre-Bond work, here is a video highlighting some of the standouts of that period. I have not seen any of these titles yet myself, just so you know: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jQu4jBAxBU8

I just got a copy of the BBC tv movie The Ice House (1997), on DVD and I cannot wait to see it. I have read many good things about it and I am looking forward to seeing it soon.

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