Re: Help!! Bond clothing is draining my bank account.

Well after 15 years of clothes Omegas Astons my advice is this.......

Ah bollocks, just learn to live without food

Skewered, one sympathises...

1. CR. 2. TSWLM. 3. LTK. 4. GF. 5. SF.


Re: Help!! Bond clothing is draining my bank account.

I just turned 25. Here’s my collection clothing wise..

1) Casio dive watch $50, included metal bracelet and rubber.

2) Spectre NATO $12

3) Walter PPK replica with silencer $28

4) Dark blue/black polos (frugal) $12 - $15 each.

5) Sperrys, on sale locally for $35.

6) Rolex Sub fake (prop display) $24.99

7) Leather jacket similar to one Craig wore $50 (Christmas gift).

My advice, find a way like I did to stay cheap. No reason to spend $300 - $500
for a jacket. Or $100 -$200 for a sunspel polo.

I will admit I love bond’s style and it got me to buy a real nice BMW at 21, I smoked cigars, listened to jazz and dressed like Craig’s Bond. I don’t cosplay but nothing wrong with wearing the polos, button ups sleeves rolled. Dive watch. Tortoise styled shades. I am definitely heavily influenced by Bond. I am 5’11, weigh around 160-165, work out a ton. I am very fit and make sure my clothes fit me.

One issue is I see a lot of these fans attempting to dress EXACTLY like Craig and it looks horrible. Craig wears a lot of tight clothing and has muscle. If you weigh 290 I don’t think you should be cosplaying. These people buy the exact same brands and spend thousands on the outfits.

Not everyone has David Zaritzky money ajb007/wink