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Hello all,

I was thinking recently about the short lived 1991 cartoon series James Bond Jr. and I how I wish that I would come out on DVD.  I have many fond memories of this cartoon as it inspired me to watch the films later on. Many other cartoons series that only got one season are out on DVD( some are exclusive to Region 2 despite being American produced shows), and I am surprised that this show never got a DVD release at all. I really hope that it does come out in the near future, especially since Cartoon Network does not show reruns any more.


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I think some episodes are available on YouTube.

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Yeah pretty sure I’ve seen them knocking around You Tube, and I know Calvin Dyson has done review vids on some (but not all) of them. Never watched any myself but I really ought to give them a go out of curiosity.

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Yes, a few episodes are on You Tube although I really wish that EON would give us a proper release on DVD of all 65 episodes. Like many cartoons back in the VHS era, only a handful of episodes got a release. A lot of older cartoons have gotten DVD releases in the last few years, including many that only ran for one season. If I worked for EON, I would defiantly get in touch with Shout Factory, or some other DVD publisher and release the series.