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You may have noticed the “mystery” white boots that DC wore with the cucinelli suit at the Matera photo call, and as photographed on other occasions but heretofore unidentified.

I’m pretty sure the boots are made by high end Italian designer Guidi and manufactured in their Italian factory by Rugiati.

This would be keeping with his penchant for Italian designers of late.

The best example I’ve found of the Guidi white boot worn by DC is this eBay listing. They’ve proven elusive to track down through Guidi.

https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre … 2934858911

In my search for these boots I’ve had to endure countless pics of stormtrooper boots - so much so that I’ve almost given up.

However, I did find a pretty awesome alternative for these white boots, made by Sandro Moscoloni. Several stores have these boots for sale, including Nordstrom and even Amazon.

A touch of white dressing on the toe of these to “undo” the fake patina - and you’ve got a damn good alternative to the DC white mystery boots!

https://m.shop.nordstrom.com/s/sandro-m … gKeJ_D_BwE

Enjoy guys!

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Those are definitely the closest I've seen. Looking at all the Guidi boot offerings, none of them have the style sole that the DC boot has.

The heal looks like one piece with an angle towards the front, where the Guidi boots all are stacked with a straight cut in that spot.

Maybe his are a one off?



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Closest I‘ve found...


The name is Walker by the way.


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These boots are the bane of my existence at the moment!  ajb007/lol


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Nice find! Where'd you get those boots from?

They don't currently offer them for sale so I'm assuming it's from a couple years or more back?

Do you have a model#?

AugustWalker wrote:

Closest I‘ve found...


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