Topic: Making of OHMSS50 Book

I am astonished at how masterful a job that Martijn and Sascha accomplished with this keepsake that arrived today. It is not often when I find myself exclaiming aloud when reading, yet this evening's perusal brought up many emotions, especially seeing the surprise event that was celebrated at the Palacio. (I will not spoil the surprise for those who have not yet received their copy)
To see fellow fans who love this film as much, or even more so than I, at the various locations, brought a sense of belonging and pride for all of us who love OHMSS around the world.
This film is special to us in many different ways, and although I was disappointed that I could not finish my DBS and bring her to the events, the book gives me not only hope, but courage to keep going to the finish line.
The events were not only first class, but conveyed a sense of passion and a loving for this, the very best of the Bond films. The reunion photos are so very touching, and I cheered when I saw them.
Thank you to the producers of the OHMSS50 for assembling a keepsake for those of us who could not be there. I will treasure this book and refer to it often.
Well, back tot he workshop, you've no idea how it s piling up...
Cheers, Tom

I would like to hear from others who have purchased this book, or even attended the event.