Topic: I think Roger Moore wore a hair piece too.

I have recently been watching a bunch of the old Saint episodes. The earliest seasons. Two things stuck out to me. One was that in more than a few of the early Saint episodes ( Season 1 and 2 ) Roger was far more physical and action oriented in fight scenes than he ever was in his Bond Movies. There was one episode where the fight was right up there with anything Connery or Lazenby ever did as Bond. I couldn't believe I was watching Roger Moore.

The second thing was that in one of the episodes they had a closing shot where Roger was holding a old lover who had been killed in the episode. He was holding her kneeling on the ground and she lay dying on the floor. The camera shot was from above and was directly above roger's head and he had a giant bald and thinning spot under his pompadour style hair. As someone who hasn't needed a comb since last century I know what someone going bald looks like. He was only about 35-36 in the episode. It looks like he had the rarer type of hair lose for men , where you keep your hairline but you lose it from the inside out.

It is no big deal and I don't know exactly how they worked it with him , part comb over , weave mixed with smaller hair pieces ect. I just think it is kind of ironic considering all the talk Connery always got because he wore a rug and Roger didn't. I also saw a remark on another site where one of the stunt men was fired from the Saint for making fun of Rogers thinning hair. It happens to the best of us. But who would have ever though of Roger's Bond being a rough and tumble Bad A@@ who wore a rug , I always thought Sir Sean had that area of the Bond Universe all to himself.


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It has been said that Roger wore a piece at his left temple in the 1980s Bond films (possibly a reason for reverting back to his 1950s and 1960s pompadour style), and his hairline at that spot looks higher in photos when not on set. Roger said they used thickening products in the 1980s.

There are different patterns of male pattern baldness, often associated with certain ethnic groups. I believe I read that balding at the crown without a receding hairline is common with the Anglo-Saxons. Hugh Laurie is a great example of this. I work with a guy of English descent who you'd think has a thick head of hair from the front but looks like a monk from the back. But this also happened to Pierce Brosnan, who wore a crown hairpiece in DAD. That's the easiest kind of hairloss to conceal with a hairpiece.

Then you have people like Sean Connery, Timothy Dalton and Bruce Willis who bald at the temples but still have a point of hair down their forehead.

My people tend to bald from the front, at first, before going completely bald. That's what I'm going through.


Re: I think Roger Moore wore a hair piece too.

An earlier thread covers the same patch https://www.ajb007.co.uk/topic/15254/007-wore-a-wig/ so I'll close this one. Please add any further comments there, or there'll be hell toupee.