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True, but even then I'd say Moore handled it with more class and almost sold it because he was Roger Moore.
Just my opinion though  ajb007/biggrin

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Re: Who should have played Christmas Jones?

Shady Tree wrote:

When evaluating the first three Brosnan Bonds and their antecedents in the franchise, I tend to see GE as connecting back with Terence Young's dark edginess, TND with Lewis Gilbert's spectacular exuberance, and TWINE with the character-rich intrigue of John Glen's Bonds.

I like this idea that Brosnans first three films recapitulate major stylistic periods of the originals!
so how does DAD fit in? it heavy handedly pays tribute to every single one of the previous 19 movies, but also seems to announce a brash new attitude


Re: Who should have played Christmas Jones?

I just finished the DAD chapter of the thick “James Bond Archives,” with four chapters to go till the end (SP).  Based on what Lee Tamahori had to say, with DAD he felt it had to defend the series against the then current trend (ongoing till now, IMO) of action movies that have gotten fast paced. There was a connection made too for the “need” to do the speed shifts (forgot the exact term), dramatic increase of CGI and even the music.  Supposedly the early films had the space and leisure in pacing to allow for a more relaxed score, but that was not the case with DAD according to Tamahori.  Re: the CGI Bond riding the Tsunami scene, to make his point Tamahori even sounded boastful that non of that scene was real and the depiction in CGI was necessary because it was the only way to convey the new “advanced” Bond...that’s what it seemed to read.

So, in a nutshell, DAD was supposedly the series’ torchbearer into the new century, a wholly new and different animal altogether...which to me was more emblematic with Gustav Graves than it was with Bond.

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"...the purposeful slant of his striding figure looked dangerous, as if he was making quickly for something bad that was happening further down the street." -SMERSH on 007 dossier photo, Ch. 6 FRWL.....