Topic: Massimo Alba Sloop suit sizing

Was going to order the suit but I need a 52 in the trousers and 50 in the suit. Massimo Alba can’t sell them as different size .. all has to be the same. So have any of you bought the suit in a larger size and had the jacket tailored down to fit. Worried about the arms being to long in the larger size.


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Where are you ordering it from?

I've been hunting for a while, it doesn't seem to be on sale any longer.


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The arms will be longer but your tailor can easily adjust these at the shoulder. I purchased a 50/50 and the arms were slightly longer than I prefer; Alba tailored them up for me for free. Get the 52 and have them make some of the adjustments, such as the sleeves, for you.


Re: Massimo Alba Sloop suit sizing

Just watch places the sell them separately as there have been slight colour difference between batches so better buying as a suit anyway