Topic: WTB: Midnight blue TF Dinner Suit (Tuxedo)

Updated post:

Still looking for this dinner suit (tuxedo) in size 38/48 or – preferably – 40/50. I’m after the midnight blue mohair/cashmere version – either the model in Quantum of Solace or the one released around Skyfall.

I’m willing to pay a premium price if anyone has one to sell and/or offer some items below that may be of interest as part of payment:

•    Belstaff Patterson XXL (fits between M-L)
•    SA QoS midnight blue ‘Greene Planet Party’ suit 38/48
•    (Very similar) Spectre navy sharkskin suit 38/48
•    (Very similar) Skyfall PTS grey sharkskin suit 38/48
•    TF midnight blue shawl lapel tuxedo 40/50 - looks exactly the same as the SA wool tuxedo sold by Christie's https://www.christies.com/lotfinder/Lot … tails.aspx, but different Base
•    SA TF Bond ties (including QoS Bolivia tie)
•    Lots of other non-Bond TF blazers, ties, polos and suits in size 38/40 and 40/50
•    Acne wall street grey trousers 46 (Size 30 US)
•    Sunspel Riviera navy polos – NWT
•    QoS Kazan scarf (similar to SA scarf)

PM me if interested. Thanks!

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Re: WTB: Midnight blue TF Dinner Suit (Tuxedo)

Above post updated - please see list of items I'm willing to offer (in addition to $$$)


Re: WTB: Midnight blue TF Dinner Suit (Tuxedo)

Still looking for this, if anyone has one they are considering selling - will pay big $$$!