Re: Crockett & Jones for NTTD

Mike, I haven't got any personal experience with the city sole but have read plenty of reviews on Reddit and styleforum as well as speaking to C&J. Reviews are mixed, some saying the city sole is more comfortable while others say they can't tell the difference. I spoke to C&J branch manager who said comfort level should be similar to dainite because they are the same compound of rubber and manufactured by the same company. I think the grip will be better though as there is more contact with the ground. I agree about the Ryder's though, they are the heaviest shoe I have! My Chilterns in the same size are noticeably lighter.

Mr Dalton, I don't want to buy another pair of expensive dainite soles shoes either, but I don't think I will size up. A good insole can cost £20-£40. I tried a cheap pair of insoles with rubber grips and find they still slide around inside. As I said before, I'm going to give vibram a go and will possibly change my others pairs if comfort levels are good.


Re: Crockett & Jones for NTTD

As an FYI for anyone considering, I should've sized up from my Tetbury fitting. I'm clearly a bit borderline - with the benefit of hindsight the size 10 Tetbury fits me snugly but without issue, but that is wearing a thin dress sock. The Molton feels more constrictive even with a thin dress sock and a more casual sock is a definite no-go.

If anyone in the US is interested, I'm selling my 10s to swap to 10.5s!