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Hi all,

As if last week's news wasn't bad enough two weeks ago I booked tickets to see From Russia With Love on the big screen. I have never seen the classic films at the cinema so when I found out that the Cineworld in the Greenwich 02 was showing wall 24 films in the lead up to No Time to Die, I booked two tickets to see From russia with love tonight.

After last week's postponement and the general atmosphere surrounding the Coronavirus I decided to contact Cineworld this afternoon to check it was still going ahead. Good job I did because they told me they had cancelled the entire thing and all of the 23 other screenings too and didn't know if they would resume the programme later this year. Apparently a refund will be on the way in 10 days.

I stayed home tonight but just received an email from Cineworld how my screening was. Although this is automated I just wanted to ask if anyone else was supposed to go, whether it did happen, or if they were meant to go and see any of the other films.

I was gutted with the postponement of NTTD but am also disappointed not to be seeing this one too.



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Sorry to hear this, I understand why everyone is so worried about the Corona virus though. Hopefully at a future date and time you get your chance to see the classic films in the series. I fondly remember seeing Goldfinger on the big screen in 2012 with my dad and my brother in law at the local cinema. I had the biggest smile on my face while I watched it.


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Well, thanks for the heads up, but I had no idea these films were being shown on the big screen in London and am surprised that they were - it sounds like the sort of thing EON would nix as it sates appetite for the real event.

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