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Hi everyone:

So, this whole Corona Virus thing is pretty much shutting down all retail.  My local place, https://www.martinpatrick3.com/, is 'closed' for walk in traffic but is open for phone business.  I've talked about this place on here before regarding Orlebar Brown (they had all of the Bond collection items last year) but they sell a lot of other high end brands, including Brunello Cuccinelli, Moncler, Isaia, Kiton, Eleventy...go to the site.  https://www.martinpatrick3.com/apparel-brands.

Anyways, they're 25% off storewide, NO EXCLUSIONS.  That includes brands that, to be frank, never go on sale.  They're also doing free shipping.  I got permission to post their sale on here so go nuts if any of those brands interest you.  Call 'em up, see what they've got.  Sorry but they don't have a web store, you'll just have to call them up and see what they have.  Know what you're looking for beforehand and they should be able to guide you.

Not sure how long this is going to last.  Like everyone, they're waiting for the state to go into 'shelter-in-place' mode, at which time they'll shut down just like everyone else.  It's a really scary time for retail and I'm just trying to help these guys out.

edited to add: No sales tax on clothing in MN.

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