Topic: Pitch A Bond Film With Cast

bascally pitch any idea you have for a bond film these are the rules
1. you have to put your cast list down(any one in your cast can be dead or alive)
2. you have to give short synopsis of your film
3. you have to put 3 crew members which should be director,score and screenwriters you can put more if you want (again can be dead or alive)
4. you should put the locations visted in this film
5. the running time of the film
6. and the villiains plan#
7. you also need to put the name of your film and what artis is pefroimng the title son (again dead or alive)

Heres mine
Film Name; Phoenix

Director: Lewis Gilbert

Producers:Albert R Broccoli
                  Michael G Wilson
                  Barbara Broccoli

Screenplay By : Christopher Wood
                          Richard Mailbum
                          Neal Pervis
                          Robert Wade

Music:     John Barry

Cinematography:Claude Renoir

Edited  By: John Glen 

Roger Moore As James Bond
Audrey Hepburn As Sophie Morrison
Ciran Hinds As Danill  Knyaze
David Hedison As Felix Leiter
Elizabeth Harinos As Summer Williams
Pat Roach As Mr Stevens
Anton Yelchin As Mendev
Ghassum Massoud As Hasssian
DB Wong As Dr Ling Na
Laurence Olivier As M
Desmond Llewelyn As Q
Honeysuckle Weeks As Miss Moneypeeny

Running Time:140 Mins

Film Locations:Tel Aviv Air Base,Miami,London,Nice,Grand Carina,Bangkok,Jakarta,Knyaze Interindustry Oil Rig 

Plot Synopsis Bond is called to investigate  when  a atomic bomb is stolen from us aribase  in irseal

Main Villain plan: to cause humanitarian crisis by detonating a atomic bomb over the ring of fire and   causeing tsunami  so his aid agency can create a group of people depended on his help.   
Title song artist; ellie golding

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