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ajb007/lol  ajb007/lol  ajb007/lol
That was hilarious, thanks Shady!

Edit- Have never watched a Deadpool movie, but if that's typical of the humour then maybe I should.

I wouldn't necessarily recommend it. The self-reflexivity is unremittingly adolescent while at the same time the violence is quite nasty. As Marvel fare goes, though, DP is a notable niche.

Shady Three describes Deadpool well, but somehow that's the movie is so funny  ajb007/biggrin

I went to the cinema with my son (who was only 15 at the time - the film was a 16 certificate  ajb007/embarrassed) to watch Deadpool…I didn’t have much idea of what I was going to see, only that my son was very excited!!
I thought it was the best film I had seen that year - violent, rude and funny  ajb007/lol


The Unbearables


Re: AJB live commentary on SPECTRE

I'm a bit late here, and have read through the thread, and have just one thing to say.

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These high tech, well designed evil lairs.  I mean, who do you farm out this work to?  Do you hire an architecture firm and then kill them all when the work is completed?  What about the dry-wall installers who are just trying to make a buck?

And who are you building all of this for? Why overly design everything when it's not for show anyways...wouldn't it all be functional rather than overly designed?

Because movie.