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How important is screen accuracy to you? And why is it important?

I understand if you're a collector, the value of the piece is contingent upon its having appeared in a film. But what about clothing items you plan to wear? Will you select sunglasses chosen for Craig's strong-jawed face even if they don't work at all on your long, skinny one?

Having spent some years on this board now, I see some interesting attitudes toward the SA question.

For instance, there's a lot of debate about whether the TF jeans in NTTD are slim or straight and which to buy. When the difference seems almost immaterial in the pictures we've seen. They're clearly slim-ish *on Daniel Craig's muscular body*. So does the exact model matter more than how they appear on Craig? And whether you'd get the same effect?

(And Craig IMHO wears some things in the films that don't work at all on him either. He'd have been much better off with the Vuarnet Edges 1614 or 1615 than with the bug-eyed 1613.)

There's also the fact that just about everything worn by Bond has been altered in some way. The Barbour To Ki To is SA, but Jany tailored the hell out of it, and the Barbour Commander more closely resembles what we see in Skyfall. So what did you go for?

People can also seem selective in how highly they value even a SA "look." For instance, lots of us buy Sunspel Rivieras based on the Bahamas return scene in CR. But I haven't seen many posts by AJBers desperate to emulate those bell bottomish pants he wears coming off the helicopter.

I'm NOT trying to argue for or against screen accuracy. I'm just interested hearing from people how they assess it and the importance it has for them.


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Screen accuracy is a slippery slope, because not only is there tailoring and physique, but there's post-production color correction. Having seen the N. Peal NTTD sweater in person, it's simply not as vivid as the sweater as shown in pics and clips.

The Armani jacket from CR is brown, but it is so dark on screen that replicating the shade seems impossible, based on the efforts of the folks doing the replicas.

I had the Tokito altered to the specs of the screen-accurate version, as I was not interested in a hooded coat, nor in a jacket with extraneous buttons and zippers. The Commander is missing some details of the Tokito.


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Screen accuracy is important to me. If I want something shown on the screen then I want *that* item, not a close approximation. A good comparison is fake watches. Some high quality fakes are getting so good they're almost impossible to differentiate from the real deal without taking them apart. Illegality and amorality aside, if all you care about is the look why wouldn't you get a HQ clone? If that's what you do, more power to you I guess. But I want the genuine thing.

The Armani jacket from CR is brown, but it is so dark on screen that replicating the shade seems impossible, based on the efforts of the folks doing the replicas.

I'm a member of a Ghostbusters community and one of the big debates is the color of the flight suits. When you see the flightsuits on display they're decidedly khaki in person. But when you watch the original Ghostbusters, the filmstock and color grading makes the costume appear much more gray. So what do you do? Go with khaki or dye it to recreate the end result? I dyed mine. Because I care about the screen result not the starting point.

Take the All Saints Iggys in SF - the production team dyed them darker. Which is what I did with mine. So there's room for debate as to what one considers "screen accurate" but just a random, off brand, straight cut pair cords in the right color isn't acceptable to me.

About the only exception I've made is for re-interpretations of costumes that simply don't exist. The Orlebar Brown stuff, basically.


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Screen accuracy isn't that important to me. I use James Bond to learn about clothes and to get inspiration. For almost every item that Bond wears, I think about the tweaks I would make for the clothes to best suit me or better suit my personal tastes.

I also find it impossible to copy the colours as seen on screen. One of my favourite suits of the series is the blue suit in The Man with the Golden Gun. But as for the shade of blue, it's a bright mid blue on the DVD and a muted navy on the Blu-ray. Is one more accurate than the other?


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It's about the look for me, however, if I like a particular look, I will attempt to get the actual items. If I'm not fussy on a particular look or don't believe that it will suit me, I will avoid it completely and neither pursue the actual outfit or any budget alternatives. As such, there hasn't been a great deal that I've seen in NTTD that particularly appeals to me yet and therefore there have only been a few things that have been of interest. In those instances, I've gone after the actual items.


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Short answer is Yes. I would love to have SA items, but my decisions are based mainly on two issues, cost and functionality into my life. I live in a very warm climate in the US. I have nearly no reason to wear a suit here if not for a business related thing. I own 4 suits now that aren't SA, but from my prior job, that I never wear. Of course, I could wear one to dinner and on a date with my gf. However, if I purchased an SA TF suit to wear to these events, I couldn't afford to then do to these events. That is the cost piece coming into frame. I do take inspiration from some items Bond wears and tweak them to fit what works for me. I am not built like Bond. As an example, a good pair of dark washed denim, a Vesper Polo form Mack Weldon that is an homage to the Riviera polo and some suede Chelsea boots, because I already own them. I am a big fan of Showtime's Californication. Duchovny's character's style in that show is simple, jeans, t-shirts (Sorry Matt S.), boots and some button ups. Occasionally, his character will wear a leather jacket or a sportscoat/blazer type of thing. That stuff works best for me. I tend to mix the two styles and use as inspiration. I will go the extra step and have these item tailored to fit me more. So, instead of just wearing an XL t-shirt because I need the shoulder width, if the body is too long or is too baggy, I will opt to have them tailored. The button-up shirts, I will l have shortened, but not too short, so that I can wear them casually if desired. I have some really nice shirttail garters that I can use, if I need to, when tucking the shirts in.

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To me it's important but only to certain extent. Simple copy and paste does not guarantee a good sense of style. I want to take certain fashion cue from Bond but do not want to dress up like it's Halloween. Certain items are just too rare and it ended up becoming a collector's piece. To me clothing are meant to be worn. If I'm too scared to wear or if it doesn't look good on me then what's the whole point.


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I'm with llvhhui.

I'll go for SA as long as it's within reach; mostly shoes, watches and firearms.  A quality Iconic Alternative of most anything else will suffice since I purchase to wear versus collect.

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This is a great discussion and one I often think about. For me, screen accuracy is important to a degree. But ultimately, my final decision on what I buy and wear comes down to my own personal style, what I like, and what fits best on me. For sure I use Bond and what we see on screen as a guide and major influence, but I'm not about to buy something I personally don't like just because Bond wears it. However, if I'm debating between 2 items in terms of fit, colour, or sizing and am personally undecided, I'll lean towards the screen accurate version.

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Like others have said - I buy things that I like and think look well on my body type. I'm much taller than Craig, and slim, so when the prop dept shortens his shirts (like the Catalina) and such, that would just look really silly on me. "Screen accuracy" is also not so important, since I don't intend to sell the things.. I want to use them all.


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An interesting follow-up might be how often you find yourself wanting the stuff Bond wears. Based on my own collection I'd say not often. My personal style is, by and large, dissimilar from Craig's Bond. Aside from Quantum of Solace's Basic Base B suits I don't even like the TF suits (mostly a problem with the O'Connor cut). There are a few categories of things I'm interested in - mostly outerwear, swimwear, ties, watches ("I am never gonna financially recover from this." -Joe Exotic after an employee loses an arm/me after discovering Bond Omegas), sunglasses, and occasionally shoes. Things that can, theoretically, last a lifetime.

That might be why I desire screen accuracy when I do pursue an item - it's just a couple of pieces per movie. I think the only full outfit I've wanted is from QoS' third act (hurry up, Harrington Project I want that damn jacket).


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I’m not too bothered about SA. I use Bond to introduce me to brands I wouldn’t have known about.  I then buy from that brand but only if I like the product. If I don’t then I move on. Sometimes it works out well like when Bond copied me and wore a pair of C&J Norwich shoes  ajb007/smile

Yes. Considerably!

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For my own part, I look at my collection and primarily see SA shoes, sunglasses, ties, knitwear, and watches. Then it’s isolated pieces (the To Ki To, unaltered; the JV café racer; original OB Setters, etc.)

I have a couple of near-enough Tom Ford suits that match ones in Skyfall and Spectre except for an extra sleeve button or whatever.

And one ensemble that’s almost perfectly screen accurate: the MA Sloop suit, braces, tie, and chukkas. I can’t bring myself to splurge on the Brunello shirt. And I’m still waiting for Blair to identify the socks!

It’s odd because I will throw on a Royale jacket and think nothing of it, but when I wear the John Varvatos I get this pleasant feeling knowing it’s the real deal. I find it hard to explain.

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