Topic: FS Persol 2720 Casino Royale Sunglasses

Hi everyone,
Clearing some of my sunglasses collection (increasingly growing thanks to NTTD!) and am parting with these. Selling for £385, which is less than I bought them for on eBay. Would be willing to listen to offers so please get in touch. Free postage in the UK. The glasses are in fantastic condition with everything still included. 007 case slightly worn and I have shown two photos of that for full disclosure. Hopefully a fan on here will want to buy rather than going to eBay. Thanks everyone.






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Re: FS Persol 2720 Casino Royale Sunglasses

PRICE DROP: £330 and willing to accept reasonable offers for anyone interested. Looks like we’ll finally be needing them here in the UK! Cheers.


Re: FS Persol 2720 Casino Royale Sunglasses

A fellow member has informed me that the pricing on this may be too high. I was basing my price on what I paid along with general ebay prices when searched. I don’t want to seem like I’m trying to overcharge fellow fans (as I am definitely not) so I’ll go with £250 with reasonable offers near that. Otherwise I’ll just keep the glasses. Appreciate the advice, thank you.