Topic: CBC Fleming interview from 1964

I just stumbled cross this 1964 interview with Fleming, broadcast by the CBC days after his death.
It's a half hour long. He is interviewed on the lawn at Goldeneye, working that cigarette holder and shooing away a noisy bird.
Good to hear his speaking voice, and study his body language. He is as funny and snobby as I'd always imagined, yet very openminded and curious about the world.

Lots of information and great quotes (some of which he's used before) and towards the end he starts talking politics, speculating there will soon be peace with Russia and we should be more worried about third world dictators getting the bomb.

He mentions Bulldog Drummond several times, so that long out of print much-maligned series was more important than we thought.

He also pronounces Casino Royale like "royal", without dragging out the second syllable, we've all been saying it wrong all these years.

When asked about setting a book in Canada, he says he doesn't know the country that well, specifically mentioning Toronto. But didn't he train with William Stephenson at Camp X, which is about 45 minutes east of Toronto?


Re: CBC Fleming interview from 1964

There is also a Youtube video in which Fleming interviews Raymond Chandler ... brilliant stuff! Too bad there isn’t a lot of Fleming on film.