Topic: Solden/Yellowstone Jacket, can anyone identify?

Was watching an episode of Yellowstone last night (season3, ep 6) and near the end, the main character John Duttton played by Kevin Costner wears a jacket that looks an aweful lot like the TF Solden jacket from Spectre.  A few poor quality pics below, although it almost has a green tint in the pics I think it is likely black or navy and something was askew with the photograph of the tv screen.  Knowing a little bit about this show, I would guess it is a high quality jacket and I would guess but might be completely wrong that it is not Tom Ford.  Would love to identify the jacket if anyone has any information or ideas.  There are a few "Jackets of John Dutton" pages on the web but I couldn't find anything that included this jacket. 





Re: Solden/Yellowstone Jacket, can anyone identify?

That’s one hell of a show. Love it. Thought the same thing when I saw him wearing it too.

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Re: Solden/Yellowstone Jacket, can anyone identify?

It looks similar but it ain't it.

I am looking at the jacket in front of me right now and i see a few differences (shoulders, pockets, etc)