Topic: FS. Hotel Splendide Poker Plaques

I've had these in my collection for quite some time and have decided it's time to move them on.

They are the Hotel Splendide version of the Casino Royale Plaques. Bigger and in my opinion better quality that the Matsui replicas.

The blue plaque measures approx 140mm wide.

I'm asking £65 each or £110 for the two including postage to the UK only.

Postage to the US and elsewhere would be an extra £10.

PM me if interested. Thanks.





Re: FS. Hotel Splendide Poker Plaques

Still have these available if anyone wants to make an offer ?

I was advised of their worth before I posted in case anyone wondered about the price.



Re: FS. Hotel Splendide Poker Plaques

The price is good. They are stunning, very large plaques, and have all but disappeared from circulation.

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Re: FS. Hotel Splendide Poker Plaques

These are beautiful and rare - way better than the "Royal" plaques - those were too small and quality not as good


Re: FS. Hotel Splendide Poker Plaques

PM sent

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