Topic: Bond-themed personalised car plate (UK) for sale

Hi all. For sale is a British private car registration plate, number AO07 GUN. Obviously, this prints as AOO7 GUN as zero and O are represented identically on British plates.

This is my first post on this forum, which obviously looks a bit suspect. In truth, this is a genuine private sale and I am not a car registration dealer. My late Father was a Bond enthusiast and I inherited this private plate as part of his estate. My wife was not so keen to have this on our car, so it seemed logical to come to a Bond fan site to look for people who may be interested in owning this plate. Note that the sale is for the registration only, usable for vehicles registered in the United Kingdom. The registration will be transferred into the owner’s name with the DVLA using the usual documentation. No physical plates are included in the sale. This reg is currently on retention in my name, so is not currently assigned to a vehicle. For the sale to complete, the buyer must have the number assigned to a registered vehicle in the UK. I don’t believe it is possible to sell a registration and keep it on retention for the new owner to assign later.

I understand the rules require a guide price, which is tricky for this item. I would expect starting offers in the region of £2000+. I think it is worth more, but this is a sensible place to start.